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Kanchendzonga at sandakphu had completely captured our hearts, minds and spirits. Goechala trek trekking in the himalayas indiahikes. Crossing the prek chu river on a suspension bridge, we stop for a rest and picnic lunch. It is a maze of steep valleys thick with lush subtropical woodlands and rhododendron groves, rising in the north to the spectacular whitetop peaks of the eastern himalaya.

Sikkimdarjeeling region is known for its moist weather, almost year around. This trek is really gorgeous and full of exciting activity. Lead the same trek towards lamuney and then move forwards to reach the destination for the day kockchurang. At higher altitude dampness adds on top of the natural cold conditions.

The journey allows you to travel across the gorgeous alpine forest that melds with the vast biosphere of sikkim. The best view of sixteen beautiful peaks will be visible from dzongri top. Youll navigate through the vast moraines of ancient glaciers and pass a small glacial lake called somiti. I had a strong desire which i thought that it will be fulfilled ever. Even though trekkers are not allowed all the way to the actual goecha pass, the view from view point 1 and dzongri is worth an arm and a leg.

Youll navigate through the vast moraines of ancient glaciers and. Goechala trek goechala trek is one of the most popular trek in west sikkim. Goechala trek itinerary, trek price, height, trek distance. Through the different packages and costs, and they are extremely good in offering the best price that was appropriate to our needs. This is the sikkim chapter from lonely planets india guidebook.

One of the biggest highlights of the goechala trek is the sunrise seen on the kanchenjunga range. All kudos to tashi bhai to take us to view point 1. Goechala trek is passes through the thick forest of rhododendron, pine, oak, chestnut and maple trees. Oct, 2014 goechala dzongri trek solo hey everyone, im planning to do to the goechala trek, which apparently is a breathtaking 8 day trek from yuksom to goechala pass with stunning views of mt kachenjunga the highest peak in india and 3rd highest mountain in the world page ref 556 557 lonely planet india. Also, there is an added danger of leeches on the jungle. The trek starts from yuksom which also is the base camp of the trek. Goechala trek, trekking in october, trekking in darjeeling and trekking in sikkim is one of the most idealistic tracks, the gigantic dzongri and thansing.

The trekking trail passes through a route of immense natural beauty. Dzongri goechala trek trek to dzongri the great next. Goechala trek is one of the best treks to try in the north east region. The goechala trek starts from yuksom, a fairly large settlement in west sikkim.

Sikkim is one of the wettest places in india due to its torrential rains. The ilp inner line permit or sikkim permit for foreigners. From this vantage point, one can see kanchendzonga massif. Not everyone can go on this trek but the professional trekkers and the serial adventure enthusiasts must really go on this trek. Though treks in india are well known but sikkim trekking has so much to offer and this ultimate trek in sikkim. This trek is one of those treks which are in the bucket list of every trekker.

This is also the day, you start at 3 am, the earliest ever in the journey. This park is inscribed to the unesco world heritage sites list in july 2016 also one of the greenest area in the world. From tonglu one can spend some ideal hours, just treating their eyes to the rejuvenating sight of the lush green himalayan ranges below the silver lining of the clouds. Hasslefree and warmhearted, sikkim is a state thats all too easy to fall in love with. Ridingsolo well arranged for food and stay will see u guys in chadar for next year for sure.

Document two and three need to be downloaded pdf, filled in, signed and handed over to the trek leader at the base camp. Trekkers may spot the beautiful animals and birds like mule, yak and the family of leiothrichidae and also get the opportunity to see the close up view of gigantic. However, the trek through the lateral moraine is tiring more so if there has been a recent snowfall. Everyone must have heard and studied in early days about the beauty and trekking in himalayas. Just returned today, lots of good and bad things happened due to a big group of 11 people which is odd for transportation, some could not make it till the end, but anyway me and 6 of the team members have successfully reached.

Goechala trek is one of the best trek at an altitude of 15,100 ft are situated in sikkim. Goechala dzongri trek solo hey everyone, im planning to do to the goechala trek, which apparently is a breathtaking 8 day trek from yuksom to goechala pass with stunning views of mt kachenjunga the highest peak in india and 3rd highest mountain in the world page ref 556 557 lonely planet india. Kanchenjunga the third highest mountain of the world can be viewed from the pass. Situated amidst the rhododendron forests, the way through the trek is. The goechala trek 2020 is being organized by trekmunk and the package starts from 19500 inr and organizes trips all year round. Aai all india trekking expedition 2018 to goechala, sikkim. The crew with us on the trek and in particular the guide bhaichung was first class. Route details, permits required for non indians,dates and more. Goechala located in sikkim is the highest mountain pass which is about 16,000 ft high. The trek becomes considerably difficult to do in the monsoons. It is a difficult trek with some beautiful but tough trails.

The trek takes you around the samiti lake and descends to the sand of the dried lake zemathang plateau. Yuksom is situated at an altitude of 5,700 feet and sachen is situated at an elevation of 7, 200 feet. An absolute classic, this trek gives us spectacular views of kanchenjunga up close, apart from many other smaller peaks which surround it. The trail does increase in altitude for yuksom quite rapidity in fact a one of the guys who. The combination of its rugged terrains and trail at some stretches that challenges and test your dexterity as a trekker and eventually exposure to surreal alpine landscapes ring in a sense of completeness as a trek. The trek displays the best of northeast and takes you an inch closer to the legendary mt. Kanchenjunga, the worlds third highest mountain, can be viewed from the pass, which is also a base camp for those aspiring to scale the mountain. Aug 14, 2017 very good in my personal opinion and experience. As i narrated in my travelogue on yuksom, heavenly view of mt. The following chart will give you an idea gradient and distance of our dzongri trek. From the vast tea gardens of north bengal rolling down the hills to the eco friendly environment of sikkim, which is embellished with varied species of alpine.

Altitude and distance graph dzongri exploration day. The whole trail is filled with rhododendrons and its like the forest has extended a red carpet welcome for you during the springs. Goechala trek is one amongst them which gives you the wonderful experience and goechala trek best time is the summer is between end of april until june end. The temperatures at goechala trek are 15 degrees celsius to 22 degrees celsius in summers during the day and 7 degrees celsius to 1 degrees celsius during the night. Whether you are a birdwatcher, a tough trekker, or an avid photographer, you can always pick a season to do this trek. The trek has many nice view points along the way and passes through one of the most impressive rhododendron forests ive seen. Goechala trek 2020 springsummer himalaya trekkers ht. February 6, 2016 january 19, 2017 swathi chatrapathy.

After exploring the central region of these majestic mountains which was followed by exploring the upper reaches it was time to explore the eastern himalayas. Entangled amidst vibrant and colorful flora and fauna, it is also the way to the astounding kanchenjunga national park to. Sikkim kanchenjunga goechala trek ashmita trek and tours. The snow was yet to melt beyond dzongri in alpine meadows, the last habitable village of tsoka thats malanavaisisth in the makin akin to. Situated amidst the rhododendron forests, the way through the trek is filled. If yes please mention details and medicines being taken. Goechala trek in sikkim trek with an altitude of 15,100 ft.

To the west rises the long outline of the kyangla ridge. The trek starts from yuksom and it joins the conventional dzongrigoechala trail. The trail becomes slippery which causes frequent landslides. But all i thanks to trek the himalayas that made my dream of goechala trek became successful and memorable.

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