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Auto blueberry dutch passion strain info growdiaries. Dutch passion blueberry led grow grasscity forums the. It combines authentic blueberry aroma and flavour thanks to a careful breeding program which crossed a very special blueberry female with an. It is our mission to supply the recreational and medical home grower with the highest quality cannabis seeds available in all countries where growing is legally allowed. Dutch passion cannot be held responsible for the actions of those who act against laws and. For my nutrients, im still using advanced nutrients as i had. Dutch passion auto blueberry first grow ever 420 magazine. Ok so me and a mate went out and bought some dutch passion blueberry seeds feminised. The smell is strong, smelling exactly like some skunky blueberry should. Buy blueberry feminised seeds from dutch passion at seedsman.

Cocos running some blueberry that i harvested from seeds from my last dutch passion regular grow. Now each to their own methods of madness green lion thanks for dropping in btw they spent about 2 days out of a medium so me being a person who has short term memory problems, and easily loses track of where different strains are in my pepertual grow, its easier to. What breeder is it from, and how many seeds did you grow to find your keeper. Independent, standardized information about dutch passion s cannabisstrain blueberry. Thank you dutch passion for selling regular seeds of an amazing strain. I grew a 10 pack of dutch passion fem blueberry back in 2001 and it grew all. Independent, standardized information about dutch passion s cannabisstrain autoblueberry. Dutch passion blueberry grow journal week5 by trichsteppin. Prescription blend nutrients is offering a great 20% off discount code. Last season i tried 8 seeds of the dutch passion blueberry, and got nothing but a couple of dudes. Independent, standardized information about dutch passions cannabisstrain blueberry. Autoflowering cannabis seeds are a quick and easy way to grow high quality cannabis.

Outdoors in the northern hemisphere it will be ready for harvest during the month of october. Its repeat growers like to grow a number of seeds from it to find and create a special mother plant within it. So this will be my first grow journal after a number of successful harvests up here in the great legal land of canada. The blueberry name was chosen because of the blue hues in the flowers and leaves, combined with an incredible aroma which is amazingly close to the smell and taste of real blueberries. Blueberry dutch passion grow indoor week 10 trichome world.

I grew this for seeds as an experiment and boy oh boy did she produce a lot of seeds. Dutch passions blueberry strain all organic grown eh. We will an overview of the crop, instruments used and environmental conditions, so that plants. Discussion in indoor grow journals started by goblue89, oct 18, 2009. These seeds that i used for this grow, happened to be feminised. Blueberry ist eine legendare sorte, bekannt fur ihren fruchtigen. Dutch passion was the second european cannabis seed company, established in amsterdam in 1987.

Anyway, i germinated 3 of my seeds using the paper towel soak method and within 48 hours the seeds sprouted and had 1. So a while ago i germinated a couple seeds dutch passion blueberry and nirvana white widow the blueberry is an amazing plant and growing much faster than the white widow so i flipped it into flower this week while moving the white widow in a new tent till she gets a bit bigger. I built my grow area 4x9 for flower and then a 4x4 for veg and clones. Hi, i would welcome peoples comments on this strain photo, both or either reg or feminised regarding yield, flowering time, and potency. Look no further, dutch passion are a leader in auto seeds and one of the original auto seed pioneers. Self feminized dutch passion blueberry from seed to. Dutch passion think different scrog autoflower harvest time medical marijuana ebb. Each was a success and took 2 days to crack open and sprout. I began to grow indoor 5 years ago, my firts strains were dutch passion blueberry and paradise amsterdam flame. I would look at a different breeder for this strain personally even if they dont hermie as the smoke wasnt good either sexing plants is not hard just dont pot them up past 1 or 1.

For my hydro setup im still using my cool cab purchased from sunlight sheds sls. The indica heritage makes for a stout, compact plant that flushes through red, purple then blue hues as flowering progresses. Dutch passion auto blueberry grow journal week12 by. These have just been planted from germination about 1. Welcome to a new update of grow report blueberry dutch passion, we have reached the sixth week of flowering, remind you that the crop we have used a 600w hps bulb.

Auto blackberry kush autoflower hanfsamen dutch passion. Visit our website to check out the whole range of cannabis seeds. Head on over to our website for everything about cannabis and more get your grow equipment at enter mp2019 to get 3% off your. Buy blueberry regular seeds 10 from dutch passion at seedsman. Blueberry dutch passion cannabis strain info seedfinder. Auto blueberry smoke report the autoflower network.

I will be growing two of those along with dinafems dinamed cbd and their purple orange cbd. Ill do my best to keep a daily journal for these 2 dutch passions blueberry as well of course as the seeds i have germinating today. This is a usa autoflowering variety combining a delicious fruity flavour with typical dutch passion extreme potency and yields which are significantly above average. Do u have any photos of what ur recommending for lst. It can be a bit tricky for a newbie to grow and and its nutrient regime. I grew dutch passion blueberry about a year ago using hydrobuckets and those plants made some seeds. Had some blueberry phenos that have very good pain killing properties to it, but would never grow it again, just for the heavy leaf to calyx ratio on all the phenos. They grow from seed to harvest indoors under 20 hours of daily light. Dutch passion blueberry auto alright, the time has finally come for this chunky girl to get the axe. So to start out i will just say that i am a chronic pain patient and this is medical marijuana. Welcome to last post os this grow report we have done in trichomeworld to this variety of cannabis blueberry dutch passion. Blueberry dutch passion feminized and regular seeds.

After all there will be journals for each new strain i created in this grow. Community software by invision power services, inc. Erm yeah i made the mistake of running dp blueberry when i first started growing. I grew 15 sol blockheads last year, that were such a pain to trim. Now each to their own methods of madness green lion thanks for dropping in btw they spent about 2 days out of a medium so me being a person who has short term memory problems, and easily loses track of where different strains are in my pepertual grow, its easier to go off the date of the pic. The fact that dutch passion is still selling their blueberry it must be popular. Dutch passion seeds blueberry is available to buy at the attitude seedbank. Blueberry,2nd gen dutch passio, coco, led400, grown from photo period, seeds, im a virtual student of dr. So i got glueberry og gorrilla glue x blueberry x og kush and blueberry.

I bought from a seed bank that i found online happened to be the only one i could order from and i got these in the master packs from dutch passion seeds. Dutch passion auto blueberry grow journal by highdran. This new nute company is showing well here, so swing by their section and see. Best buds dj shorts blueberry strain spotlight youtube. Alientics 3rd grow dutch passion blueberry feminized. Dutch passion photoperiod grow of some of there latest strains. This week has been crucial in the development of our white widow auto plants have reached double its height, have developed long and strong lateral branches, in addition to begin forming the main flowering tops. My temp runs 8082 during lights on and about 72 lights off.

Hey everyone, sir budlovski here and this is going to be my 3rd grow with canna coco and my first grow using hps for flower, led for vege and most likely a little bit of cfl supplement lighting. My mate has germinated his 3 seeds and i germinated mine the following week just incase his didnt pull through. Auto blueberry is ready for harvest in about ten weeks. Forums growing marijuana marijuana grow journals indoor grow journals. We typically recommend a vegetative period of about 46 weeks.

Guide to blogging how to new entries new comments blog list series search blogs. Auto colorado cookies is an autoflower seed strain with high potency and highly reliable genetics from the legendary girl scout cookies. Dutch passion auto blueberry cannabis grow journal. I germinated my seed using cotton pads as my friend used the paper towel method. I water when the soil needs it, roughly twice a week. Kush and then crossing the result with the muchloved blueberry. Towards the end of the grow the blueberry colours began to appear along with a rich array of fruity and. Glueberry og first time grow diary dutch passion uk420. Blueberry cannabis from dutch passion is a remarkable looking plant, and one that is very easy on the eye. First grow dutch passion blueberry grasscity forums. Probably one of the better companies to get blueberry from when the d.

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